Friday, July 29, 2011

Every ending has a new begining

I love Utah. I love the peace that Utah brings. The warm weather with hardly any humidity is amazing. The mountains are stunning, especially moving from Minnesota where it's just...Minnesota. I can't say Minnesota is a bad state, because I wouldn't be telling the truth. Minnesota is rockstar when it comes to healthcare and education. However, Utah just brings me the peace in my inner veins that I dearly need, and it's almost gotten to be a necessity for feeling alive. After five long, disgusting weeks I finally had my children back in my arms. Custody battles are such a heartbreaking experience, and that is when you really see the petitioner's claws come out. The petitioner actually had the guts not too long ago to text me "love ya" in a text message. Someone who supported the petitioner left me a voicemail two weeks ago stated that they love me and I can call her anytime. First off, I would like for them to define what love is... and secondly, I think only equal to a brain-dead mannequin would say the things those two did. If that is their way of showing their "love", they just proved themselves worthy enough to definitely keep their distance from me. Neither of them will ever admit not only how hurtful they have been in regarding to my own children, but how absolutely selfish, foolish and totally neglectant they BOTH were while I was a child. I fear...and I mean, heart trembles at the thought of my children going up to see petitioner (court order visitation) because I fear more lies will be created about me to try and take my custody, and it'll take my lawyer and another full five weeks to dispel those rumors and lies. I get physically sick of this.

On the good note, I have finally been able to focus on my art! It's so exciting! Haylie LOVES art so she has already made such wonderful things!

Haylie will be starting competitive all-star cheerleading soon. I feel as though this will break open the social water gates for my child and help her blossom from a shy little girl into this outstanding, amazing child. She already is, but I'd like for some of her shyness to subside so others can see as well! She has been practicing on getting her cartwheels perfect for the audition next week :)

Taylor Hanson

If you love the band Hanson as much as I do, this 3D art magnet that I made is wickedly cool. I really do love how this all turned out. I am in-love with it :) I am currently, slowly but surely, working on a fairy house & a mermaid art magnet. I really hope they turn out amazing, just like this did :)


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Caylee Anthony.

3D Altered Art Magnet for Sale.
Memorial of Caylee Anthony.
Says "Justice For Caylee"
also has Psalm 4:8
" I will lie down & sleep in peace. For you Lord make me safe"

Approx 10 in X 8.5 inch
Asking $15.00, $2.00 for shipping.
Comes bubble wrapped.
If interested, please email or check out Exalted Memories on facebook

Sunday, July 03, 2011

My crazy dream last night

This is a crazy dream that I just had, figured I'd share it:

My husband upgraded my wedding set and bought me another matching band. I was so excited, and than he surprised me with a night in a very fancy hotel room in Downtown Salt Lake City. We were walking in a sky-walk, and came across a sky-walk monitor. She was in a blue polo, and had long, dark hair. She stated that since we were going to go to the hotel, we could go through the sky-walk, and let us pass. As my husband and I were walking in the sky-walk, I started to panic because I lost my new wedding band. I frantically looking in my purse, and found it at the very bottom! We checked in, and went into out hotel room. It was huge, equipped with plush sofas and a kitchen with garbage disposal and a jacuzzi! After awhile, we got bored. So my husband and I decided to invite my sister in law and her husband, Megan and Delaney. They came over, and we were just chatting. All of a sudden, my mother-in-law comes and knocks on our door. "May I come in?" she asks. My husband shouts "NO! GO AWAY! If you don't, Ashley will turn you into a cricket!". She knocks on the hotel door again "May I Please come in?" she asks again. My husband says "Mom! We are trying to have a romantic evening!" a few minutes later she knocks again "May I please come in?" I yell "Mary, get lost!". My mother in law than karate kicks our steel hotel door down, with a huge meat and cheese try in her arms. "I just wanted to give this to you!" and she tossed it on the floor. I looked down and realized, that I had a package of hot dogs in my hands and one left. As my mother-in-law was going to walk out of our hotel room, I say to her "I have one cold hot dog left, would you like it?" and she takes it and sits down. My husband went to the bathroom As she is eating it, I point my finger at her and turn her into a cricket! As she is a small crick on the floor, I pick her up and put her on a sticky fly catcher that's hanging next to the sink. Josh comes out, and I show him his mother. "You turned her into a cricket! Well, I guess that means no more meat trays than, huh?" and he walks away. Megan and Delaney just sat on a sofa, wide-eyed, and not sure what to say! I start to clean up the floor, and tossing the different meats and cheeses into the sink. I turn on the garbage disposal. All of a sudden, my mother-in-law peels from the fly trap and falls into the garbage disposal! I notice, and I say to everyone "Oh my gosh! no! no! no!...Mary just fell into the garbage disposal!". Everyone ran over to the sink. "My mom! She will be killed and chopped up!" cried Megan. I pointed to the sink, said some magic words and a rush of water came out of the sink and Mary, as a cricket, came out safe and sound. I could tell she was mad, because her little cricket head was moving and she was making fast cheerping sounds. I said a spell, and she was back to normal. She walked out of the hotel room without saying anything, Megan and Delaney went with her.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Day at the beach!

First picture is a scrapbook cover, for a scrapbook that I am making for my daughter. I wanted a flowery/young fairy look.

This photo is another 3D altered art magnet that I made for someone I know. This little sweet pea is Kaleb. Kaleb is mostly hand drawn except for harder features like his fingers, toes, mouth & eyes. However, eyebrows, body outline, jaw line, hair, etc... was all hand drawn by me. Wanted this to have a contemporary look, with an altered edge. Perfect little guy, for a perfect day at the beach!

Thursday, June 30, 2011


These are some magnets that I made for some of my friends. They are definitely larger than most magnets. They are also in 3D. They are printed copies of pictures of their children, but before the photos were printed out they were altered on the computer to be just an outline. Than I took art charcoal and etched in most of the outline and helped bring out the features. Than, with more art chalk, I colored in the child. I did more to projects, but I'd really prefer for the parents to see first hand and not have this totally spoiled for them! Until next time, Many blessings to you.

New Tour.

I just wanted to add that I am totally excited about my favorite band, Hanson, going on tour this fall. They are incredibly talented and I can only hope that this tour will be my lucky tour, and I will finally surpass the flirtation from stage to audience, Taylor going off stage and {un}willingly let me caress the side of his torso (haha) and finally, get an official meet & greet. I know so many people who have been so lucky to meet them. Wether it's from an official meet & greet, meeting them at the tour bus, or being pulled on stage from Taylor...hopefully, I will finally get my chance. Just another perk about living out in Utah now, is that when Hanson tours the west...Utah is pretty much a central location for all their west USA shows. Yup, that's right kids. I'll be on my hands & knees begging my poor husband to let me be a fangirl for a few days. He knew he married a Hanson fan. But, that poor soul probably had NO idea what that really entails. Until next time, many blessings to you.

What About Love?

Apparently, I wrote this March 5, 2009. I don't remember what I was feeling at the time.

In my own words. Love is boundless, untamed, and unchained by laws, it is something have every person deserves. No man nor god can govern your love, for love is free. Do not let your love be stopped by anyone! Because no one knows your soul better than yourself and what your soul desires. Love is an indefinite definition, a contradiction of itself because love can be experienced in many ways. It is what your heart and soul long for and is what you need to feed. Feed yourself like your stomach in order to live, to live life to its fullest.

In saying that, love yourself! Loving yourself is the water of your body, its what makes you a living being. Its what makes your body structure, its what you are mostly made of. If you do not love yourself then what is there for others to love? Where is the water that makes your body for others to know you? Drink, love yourself. And feed, love for your soul.

Definitely from the heart.

I've been going through something heart wrenching lately. It's kind of personal, and I really would rather not discuss it on an online blog. However, I can say that the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words will never hurt me" is a total farce. Of course words hurt. Especially when they are completely false or greatly exaggerated. We are only human, and verbal communication is away for our species to relay how we feel and it's a prominent way of our communication and interactions with each other. Any kind of it verbal or physical hurts when it is being abused. The wound cuts much more deeper when the person who is hurting you is a close family member or friend. I do not claim to be perfect in any way, shape or form but what I am going through I can honestly say that absolutely NO decent mother should have to go through. In fact, you don't even have to BE a "good" mother for this to be completely ridiculous. Just don't abuse, neglect or harm your children and you will be okay in my book. Everyone has different parenting styles. Just because you don't agree with someones parenting style doesn't always equal out to them being a harmful parent. For example, I know many parents who let their children stay up late, even on weekdays. To me, a child under the age of 12 has no reason to be up past 10:00 pm, period. Well, if the child is sick that is definitely another story, but I am talking about regular bedtimes. But, their children are not my children and my children are not theirs. Parents who find that acceptable might find the fact I put my two and four year in bed by 8:00 pm to be way too strict. I lost my train of thought, but I hope you understand where I am coming from. I'm thinking of my children more than ever. I have been doing some fun, creative stuff lately to keep my mind and heart focused on other places than the deep root of pain that I have in my heart. I am currently working on making a cute little scrapbook for my daughter, and I'm in the mist of making something cute for one of my good friends son. Although, I sincerely have absolutely no idea where I am going with that project, I can be certain it's definitely from the heart. My MIL has seriously a room that is full of craft supplies. That's all it a craft room. A million scissors, racks of different paper from store bought; construction, card stock, homemade to literally thousands of embellishments and great coloring tools like a huge rack of coloring pencils, markers, and chalk. It's fabulous. It's like Disneyland for adults who craft. I'm grateful for her and her generosity, that she let's me have free reign in that room and let my imagination go wild. My MIL is a sweet, gentle woman and my heart sings joys for her. She is an amazing, loving woman. Dare I say this?... I have never met anyone who is a mother figure who treats me with respect like she does. Heavenly Father has given me amazing children, amazing friends, and an amazing family. I will try and get some pictures of my craftiness later on. Until then, many blessings to you.