Sunday, July 03, 2011

My crazy dream last night

This is a crazy dream that I just had, figured I'd share it:

My husband upgraded my wedding set and bought me another matching band. I was so excited, and than he surprised me with a night in a very fancy hotel room in Downtown Salt Lake City. We were walking in a sky-walk, and came across a sky-walk monitor. She was in a blue polo, and had long, dark hair. She stated that since we were going to go to the hotel, we could go through the sky-walk, and let us pass. As my husband and I were walking in the sky-walk, I started to panic because I lost my new wedding band. I frantically looking in my purse, and found it at the very bottom! We checked in, and went into out hotel room. It was huge, equipped with plush sofas and a kitchen with garbage disposal and a jacuzzi! After awhile, we got bored. So my husband and I decided to invite my sister in law and her husband, Megan and Delaney. They came over, and we were just chatting. All of a sudden, my mother-in-law comes and knocks on our door. "May I come in?" she asks. My husband shouts "NO! GO AWAY! If you don't, Ashley will turn you into a cricket!". She knocks on the hotel door again "May I Please come in?" she asks again. My husband says "Mom! We are trying to have a romantic evening!" a few minutes later she knocks again "May I please come in?" I yell "Mary, get lost!". My mother in law than karate kicks our steel hotel door down, with a huge meat and cheese try in her arms. "I just wanted to give this to you!" and she tossed it on the floor. I looked down and realized, that I had a package of hot dogs in my hands and one left. As my mother-in-law was going to walk out of our hotel room, I say to her "I have one cold hot dog left, would you like it?" and she takes it and sits down. My husband went to the bathroom As she is eating it, I point my finger at her and turn her into a cricket! As she is a small crick on the floor, I pick her up and put her on a sticky fly catcher that's hanging next to the sink. Josh comes out, and I show him his mother. "You turned her into a cricket! Well, I guess that means no more meat trays than, huh?" and he walks away. Megan and Delaney just sat on a sofa, wide-eyed, and not sure what to say! I start to clean up the floor, and tossing the different meats and cheeses into the sink. I turn on the garbage disposal. All of a sudden, my mother-in-law peels from the fly trap and falls into the garbage disposal! I notice, and I say to everyone "Oh my gosh! no! no! no!...Mary just fell into the garbage disposal!". Everyone ran over to the sink. "My mom! She will be killed and chopped up!" cried Megan. I pointed to the sink, said some magic words and a rush of water came out of the sink and Mary, as a cricket, came out safe and sound. I could tell she was mad, because her little cricket head was moving and she was making fast cheerping sounds. I said a spell, and she was back to normal. She walked out of the hotel room without saying anything, Megan and Delaney went with her.

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