Friday, July 29, 2011

Every ending has a new begining

I love Utah. I love the peace that Utah brings. The warm weather with hardly any humidity is amazing. The mountains are stunning, especially moving from Minnesota where it's just...Minnesota. I can't say Minnesota is a bad state, because I wouldn't be telling the truth. Minnesota is rockstar when it comes to healthcare and education. However, Utah just brings me the peace in my inner veins that I dearly need, and it's almost gotten to be a necessity for feeling alive. After five long, disgusting weeks I finally had my children back in my arms. Custody battles are such a heartbreaking experience, and that is when you really see the petitioner's claws come out. The petitioner actually had the guts not too long ago to text me "love ya" in a text message. Someone who supported the petitioner left me a voicemail two weeks ago stated that they love me and I can call her anytime. First off, I would like for them to define what love is... and secondly, I think only equal to a brain-dead mannequin would say the things those two did. If that is their way of showing their "love", they just proved themselves worthy enough to definitely keep their distance from me. Neither of them will ever admit not only how hurtful they have been in regarding to my own children, but how absolutely selfish, foolish and totally neglectant they BOTH were while I was a child. I fear...and I mean, heart trembles at the thought of my children going up to see petitioner (court order visitation) because I fear more lies will be created about me to try and take my custody, and it'll take my lawyer and another full five weeks to dispel those rumors and lies. I get physically sick of this.

On the good note, I have finally been able to focus on my art! It's so exciting! Haylie LOVES art so she has already made such wonderful things!

Haylie will be starting competitive all-star cheerleading soon. I feel as though this will break open the social water gates for my child and help her blossom from a shy little girl into this outstanding, amazing child. She already is, but I'd like for some of her shyness to subside so others can see as well! She has been practicing on getting her cartwheels perfect for the audition next week :)

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