Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Tour.

I just wanted to add that I am totally excited about my favorite band, Hanson, going on tour this fall. They are incredibly talented and I can only hope that this tour will be my lucky tour, and I will finally surpass the flirtation from stage to audience, Taylor going off stage and {un}willingly let me caress the side of his torso (haha) and finally, get an official meet & greet. I know so many people who have been so lucky to meet them. Wether it's from an official meet & greet, meeting them at the tour bus, or being pulled on stage from Taylor...hopefully, I will finally get my chance. Just another perk about living out in Utah now, is that when Hanson tours the west...Utah is pretty much a central location for all their west USA shows. Yup, that's right kids. I'll be on my hands & knees begging my poor husband to let me be a fangirl for a few days. He knew he married a Hanson fan. But, that poor soul probably had NO idea what that really entails. Until next time, many blessings to you.

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